Chaitanya Laboratories Multi-species Diagnostic and Research Services + Pharmacologic and Toxicologic Services

Chaitanya Laboratories is a privately owned, full service Veterinary Laboratory offering Pharmacologic & Toxicologic Pathology and Diagnostic Services

  • To provide a comprehensive, top quality and cost-effective Veterinary diagnostic services to Veterinarians, Pet/Companion Animal Owners, Farmers (Domestic & Poultry) and Animal Welfare Agencies.
  • To provide Laboratory Animal Pathology services and consultation to Research Organizations, Pharmaceutical Research and Preclinical Contract Research Organizations
Quality Policy
  • We, Chaitanya Laboratories are always bind to obey the Good Laboratory Practices by allocating qualified and trained staff, automated equipments, best quality reagents to obtain top quality results.
  • Automated Clinical Chemistry
  • Analyzer (Eli tech Group: Vitalab Selectra)
  • Hematology Analyzer Beckman Coulter: Vet / Human Application)
  • Research Microscope with Image Analysis (Radical)
  • Rotary Microtome (Radical)
  • Paraffin Embedder (Radical)
  • Tissue Flotation Bath and Hot Plate (Radical)
  • Centrifuge (Remi)
  • Incubator
  • Water Distillation Unit